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Josephs Boarding College or university; Santa Fe Indian University; Seneca Indian College or university; Sequoyah Highschool; Sherman Institute; Tuskahoma Female Academy; Wheelock Academy

Josephs Boarding College or university; Santa Fe Indian University; Seneca Indian College or university; Sequoyah Highschool; Sherman Institute; Tuskahoma Female Academy; Wheelock Academy

Rotating borrowing from the bank loan instance data, 1934-54

Subject Accessibility Terms: Albuquerque Indian College; Bacone University; Bloomfield Seminary; Carter Seminary; Chemawa Indian School; Cheyenne and you will Arapaho School; Chilocco Boarding School; Dwight Goal; El Meta Thread School; Euchee Boarding University; Eufaula Indian College or university; Haskell Institute; Jones Male Academy; Murray County University out of Farming; Nuyaka College and you may Orphanage; Oklahoma Presbyterian University for girls; Oklahoma University into the Blind; Oklahoma College to your Deaf; Old Goodland Indian Orphanage; Phoenix Indian School; Riverside Indian College; St. Agnes Academy; St. Agnes Goal; St. Elizabeths Boarding College or university; St.

Yearly statistical records, 1926-thirty-six

Textual Info (for the Denver): Suggestions in accordance with wood marketing agreements, 1958-64. Scale sheet sets and you can reports from wood cut, 1960-80. Private Indian currency (IIM) ledgers, 1945-64. IIM upload and you can control records, 1958-69. Laws and you will acquisition reports, 1960-67. Annuity payrolls and relevant telecommunications, 1953-57. Facts based on wood sale agreements, 1958-64. Local backup instructions, 1898-1910. Communications that have Indian agencies superintendents, 1909-41. Table records from Superintendents Charles E. Coe, 1910-25, and you will Colson C. Wright, 1917-51. Chronological data files, 1935-forty eight. Letters provided for the newest Commissioner away from Indian Factors, 1898-1914. Various correspondence into Administrator from Indian Factors, 1900-thirty-six. Miscellaneous emails obtained, 1898-1910. Various management telecommunications, memorandums, and round letters, 1891-1953. Subject documents, 1907-forty five. s delivered and you can gotten, 1910-43. Department interior telecommunications, 1933-43. Miscellaneous profile, 1904-38. Management ideas, 1909-52. Individual Indian accounting suggestions, 1933-51. Appropriation ledgers, 1917-41. Listing regarding invoices and you will disbursements, 1875- 1918. Agencies bookkeeping info, 1908-48. Details out-of heirship hearings, 1907-15. Allowance communications, 1908-34. Private allottee facts, 1910-20. Annuity payrolls and relevant suggestions, 1903-forty-two. Land patent info, 1908-21. Individual Indian currency (IIM) ledger sheets, 1918-45; ledgers, 1945-54; post and manage info, 1925-57; times off choices and you can transmits regarding IIM, 1945-52; and you will dates from disbursements regarding IIM, 1950-52. Belongings assessment info, 1912-18. Interaction or any other information about your submarginal homes purchase project, 1934-37. Homes category circumstances data files, 1910-20. Flathead Reservation townsite permits and relevant interaction, 1910-eleven. Details relating payday loans Michigan to tree administration, 1910-52. Property book plans and you can relevant facts, 1909-58. Ideas relating to the grazing program, 1910- 57; and you can grazing enable circumstances data files, 1953-sixty. Records based on drinking water fool around with, 1911-33. Street repair and you may framework correspondence, 1916-forty-two. Highway account, 1933-forty eight. Path opportunity case documents, 1929-fifty. Ideas according to reimbursable purchases, 1912-sixty. Creatures administration correspondence, 1927-42. Indian Disaster Conservation Work interaction, 1930-42. Correspondence of your Civil Maintenance Corps-Indian Department, 1933-42. Flathead Agency registration correspondence, 1908-39. Census telecommunications, 1930- forty-five. Census rolls, 1913-40. Tribal council interaction, 1941-5. Minutes of tribal council conferences, 1935-41. Tribal election voter subscription listing and you can proceeding memorandums, 1935-thirty-six. Disaster save communications and you will records, 1926-forty-two. Rehab interaction and account, 1933-42. Telecommunications and you will accounts according to American Red Mix rescue issues, 1926-32. Communications of the Municipal Work Government, 1933-35; Really works Advances Administration, 1935-39; Performs Projects Management, 1939-42; and you can National Teens Government, 1936-42. Deals for care of built Indians, 1909-51. Details regarding the pensions, social safeguards, and you will interests, 1936-54. Passions circumstances records, 1937. Education system communications, 1923-53. Public school communication and you can attendance accounts, 1918-52. College or university censuses out of Indian children, 1912-43. Indian boarding schools correspondence, 1905-forty-five. Time and you will boarding colleges attendance account, 1899-1917. Correspondence, accounts, censuses, or other information about Rugged Slope University District, 1898-1952.

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Textual Information (for the Ohio Urban area): Main topic file, 1907-twenty two. Yearly statistical accounts, 1919-20. Property patents and you may heirship records, 1918-20. Telecommunications of your Checker away from Heredity, 1915-17. Ideas out of Liberty Bond purchases, 1918-20. Schedules of transformation regarding land and you can wood, 1913.

Textual Records (inside the Los angeles, except as detailed): Communication of one’s acting commissary of subsistence, 1875-77. Letters obtained from the post doctor, 1877-91. Letters sent, 1901-14. Emails and telegrams gotten, 1891-1910. Chronological communications, 1911-19. Alphabetical communications, 1914-twenty-seven. Main subject data files, 1911-51. Every quarter accounts of one’s Career Matron, 1903-six. Economic details, 1898-1917. Rationing details, 1943-45. Farm analytical accounts, 1903-10. Forestry and you can logging info, 1923-thirty two. Grazing it allows, 1903-17. Variety device instance files, 1911-29. Personal Indian money (IIM) ledgers, 1918-55. IIM ledgers, 1946-64 (from inside the Denver).Semiannual abstracts, 1928-49, deal check in, 1928-33, and you can coupons and you will relevant facts, 1944-forty-two. Abstracts from annuity supplies granted to help you Indians, 1898-1917. Duplicates out-of monitors approved, 1958-61 (during the Denver). Facts according to reimbursable deals, 1916-41. Records of your Civilian Preservation Corps-Indian Office, 1933-43. Traders certificates, 1897-1908. Details out of Indian judge instances, 1903-several. Expansion service information, 1930-thirty-five. Indian treatment program details, 1936-40. Indian census moves and you can relevant details, 1890-1943. Suggestions in accordance with knowledge, 1898-1910, 1934-forty eight. Signing equipment contract data files, 1946-57 (for the Denver).