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Lil Uzi Vert – 2 hundred My Dashboard

Lil Uzi Vert – 2 hundred My Dashboard

[Chorus: Quavo] Yeah, yeah (yeah) Yeah, yeah (yeah) Yeah, yeah (yeah) Yeah, yeah A-listers, famous people, celebrities aside The new trucks (skrrt), i buy the club now Swang doors today (skrrt), screw for the hoes now (smash) Tats and you will golds (tats), rock this new shows, uh Big bank moves (bucks!), now she wade, uh On cluster, uh (woo) Now she wet, do not skiing (splash!) Thinkin’ ’bout postin’ her into ‘Gram, and you may erase this lady (delete they!) Entire group in the field, we don’t create bleachers (uh) Thinkin’ ’bout postin’ their into the ‘Gram, and you can erase this lady (erase it!) Whole group in the field, we don’t would bleachers (uh)

200 my dash I really hope I don’t crash (woah) I’m operating too fast (decrease, delay) I’m sure precisely why you resentful Cause I had the money I’m flexin’ my personal bag

] (I love my connect) Drive-in the newest Lamb such a lotus A dozen pull-up told us to slow up (skrr) Twist up to inside the which have a donut (vroom) I’d your girlfriend I won’t hold up (lil uzi) I found out she zero deep throater (ha) She draw my personal penis for example an adhere (yah) We advised that girl I am reloaded (damn) .29 series all-in my video (yah) And my personal bullets struck including boulders (damn) Currency therefore thick I am unable to bend they (can’t flex they) Can’t easily fit into my pockets and so i envelope they (firearm songs) Twice glass I toward concoction Expensive diamonds they struck including the sea (yah) Hold my personal top trigger it’s Gucci (huh) Range had the objective into the leader (fire) Swervin’ the range this is the Rover (it’s flames) I strike the take to to your floater I flooded AP, eg Rollie (woah) I’d that bread regarding toaster (woah) I had that money about toaster (woah)

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200 my personal dashboard I really hope I really don’t crash (woah) I am riding too fast (impede, delay) I understand the reasons why you thaifriendly reddit aggravated Cause I had that money I’m flexin’ my personal handbag

Wouldn’t like zero gender your bitch (damn) She want the new neck, you cunt (huh) You tryna behave like you like myself (hu) Just want to evaluate, your bitch (hunh) Simply desire to see, your cunt (huh) Cannot obtain the take a look at, you cunt (bye) (yuh) Remove 100 can not offer my personal woman 99 of it I blessed my personal hottie (yeah) You got the first little bit of Rafs (huh), your tryna fold and you will crap (yeah) I got so much currency man they be watchin’ that we had to others my drip (yeah) I had to help you others my personal trickle (yeah) I had to help you other people my personal drip (yeah) (hey) I really don’t look at the pub My cot in which my area are (yeah) Told her cannot call my cellular phone (yeah) Not into the texting, cunt (hello) Wouldn’t like zero messages (yuh) Thinking ain’t getting they (yuh) Informed her you speak way too much (yeah) Kid woman other people your own mouth (yuh) Child lady people your throat (yuh)

Hold up (what) My personal new lady yeah you to definitely crap fulgar (unh) Had the fresh new chopper without holster (bah) That shit you are going to knock on my neck (weapon tunes) I start the fresh enthusiast on the [?

Yeah, 2 hundred my personal dash I am hoping I really don’t crash (woah) I’m driving too quickly (delay, delay) I am aware why you angry Trigger I got those funds I am flexin’ my personal bag (Flex)

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Migos – Stir-fry

[Verse step one: Quavo] Dance with my pet on the nightly (wroof) Pitfall nigga on the chickens instance Popeye’s (Popeye’s) Currency changin’ shade particularly wrap-dye (tie-dye) I’m just tryna have it, I isn’t tryna pass away (whoa) She had a big ol’ onion butt, make globe cry (cry) In the kitchen area, hand twistin’ such as for instance a stir fry (whip it) Keep him or her rings off (hey) Hold your own people’s down (hey) Whom said been around? (whom?) So it you to pitfall voice (trap) Creator dresses (clothes), trend suggests (shows) Trap house (house), made from silver (gold) Manage new bag today (handle it) Need not boast now (its not necessary) Ayy, place the cover up down (mask) I livin’ prompt now (fast) Most useful hoes (finest), wrist froze (froze) We can wade (we can), coast to coast (coast)